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We will laugh.......a lot. Yes I have a camera and plenty of fancy lenses, but all that comes secondary to getting to know who is in front of the camera. I will rarely ask you to look straight at me and say "cheese". I am more of a "snuggle into her and give her machine gun kisses" kind of posing prompt. My clients are allowed to bring themselves into our session knowing that I want them to truly be just that...themselves. 

A mountain top, an open field, downtown brick walls, the local "hole in the wall", a coffee shop, an aquarium swarming with sharks and stingrays, a salty beach, the middle of a muddy creek, and no place like home are just some of the places that my photography adventures have taken me. 

Passport in hand, I have and will travel. Don't just say you will do it one day. Plan an adventure and tell me when to pack. 

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