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Garden Wedding Day

The Garden at Gray Gables hosted Josh and Reagan for their precious wedding day. The first touch ceremony was incredibly moving and yes I cried too. They chose to share their vows together privately to each other inside of a quaint little spot in the venue. This was my first time at the Gardens and I was impressed with the amount of hidden spots around to photograph. Take note of the option the couple chose instead of the traditional wedding cake. I am sure you can imagine how delicious it smelled in that tent with Krispy Kreme tower of doughnuts! The tent provided an airy ambience for the reception and dancing, and even though the thunder threatened we had just enough time for the ceremony and bridal party portraits before the rain. Honestly I have heard that rain on your wedding day is good luck! We took advantage of the lucky sign and ventured out away from the crowd with an umbrella and captured some magic. I look forward to more time with this couple as I continue to see their love story grow.

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